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Dr. Darlene DeStefano, PhD


We Fear Our Son is Contemplating Suicide

Posted 5/24/2016

Dear Darlene,

My son is severely depressed and we are really worried about him. He is in his early twenties, finished high school, did not continue his education, has been in and out a of a few labourer jobs, recently lost his girlfriend and has been out of work for the past two months. He is in bed more than half the day and spends most of the rest of it on the couch watching television. He is miserable, has a decrease in appetite, seems to be

drinking more than eating, and has become socially withdrawn from his friends. He had mentioned more than once about one of his classmate who had committed suicide and asked us what we thought about how the parents might have felt. This really scared us. He had sessions with a psychologist more than six months ago but stopped because he said it was useless to go and just talk about why he is so miserable. We sent him to a lady who does some kind of holistic healing through talking and while it seemed to help more than the psychologist, once his girlfriend broke up with him, he didn’t want to go there anymore and just closed himself off. We’re thinking maybe he needs anti-depressants but he refuses to go to the doctor. Please help us. He has shut us out and we are afraid we might lose him.

Signed, Overwrought Parents 


Dear Overwrought Parents,

I have had great success with clients such as your son. Because your son is severely depressed and from what you are saying he has lost interest in activities of daily living you need to find a way to reach him. For many of my clients I have had about three sometimes four sessions with them where I walk them through a guided meditation and give them energy healing. I personally believe anti-depressants are an absolute last resort because there have been so many other healing modalities combined with specific exercises and a change in environment which has opened the door to healing. 

In addition to the session they have with me I advise listening to upbeat music in the house and on the radio in the car. He needs a distinct set of affirmations along with healthy eating and getting showered and dressed everyday. Maybe you could plan a family outing somewhere and encourage him to go, he needs to get out. Lastly, what is he interested in for a career. He likely at this point in time doesn’t know or care. You and your partner could review his talents and think about what he has liked doing in the past. Research college programs and set up an appointment for him to meet the college instructors for a specific program you feel he could take an interest in. Some colleges offer an information night. Do not let him decline going to the interview.  

There is no question that watching your adult child in this state is painful and the accompanying fear that goes with it can be extremely stressful for you. Take care that your own stress level doesn’t go beyond where you can cope. 

Whatever you both decide to do he needs to find an interest in life again.

Live Well,

Darlene DeStefano, PhD, CPC, MMsc
Intuitive Counsellor
Life and Business Coach
Passionate Crusader for Meaningful Living & Health Relationships
Catalyst for Living Well

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